Empowerment is having the confidence to be your most authentic self and to create the life you want.




Whether you're in a recovery phase (after crisis or treatment), or in a stuck place and longing to feel empowered in your life and content on a day-to-day basis ... you're in the right place.

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4 Reasons this one-of-a-kind program could change your life:



#1 We use a unique somatic approach. This is the only program that integrates a somatic (bodywork based) approach with other mind-body processes. The body holds emotion, trauma, and memory and you MUST work with it in order to move forward.



#2 You learn to work effectively with your emotions, integrating powerful techniques from the contemplative traditions (like Buddhism). We are the only empowerment program to integrate emotional processing alongside positive thinking and goal setting/ manifestation. This is a critical foundation for lasting empowerment.



#3 It's personal! Unlike in most other programs sold online, in the  empowerment program you get personalised 1-1 sessions. In addition to four individual 1.5 hour consults, you participate in a jam-packed 2 day workshop, meeting like-minded people for life-changing training, and have an ongoing monthly support group.



#4  You will be trained in strategies you can use on your own going forward long after this program ends! Learn to self-regulate your emotional processes, change your habits, and create the life you want.



Cultivate empowerment from within, so that you can move forward in life.

This package is for anyone who is ready to learn the skills of self-awareness, self-love, emotional processing, and habit changing. Whether you are just feeling stuck and want change, or have completed a rehabilitation program and are ready for the next step of personal development.

It's Personal and IN PERSON

I'm Michelle Dixon, practitioner and facilitator. My passion is to empower you with tools and strategies to help yourself create the life you want long after we work together, using neuro-linguistic programming, advanced bodywork techniques, and powerful mindfulness processes. Unlike many other programs, this is not a do-it-alone online course. You and I actually meet in person or via Skype for 4 life-changing sessions, and you participate in a live group for two days of intensive training. 

Cutting-Edge Holistic Approach

Working with sensation and emotion has been shown again and again to be the most important factor in recovering from crisis and trauma, and for creating real and lasting change. I help you get in touch with your own unique way of being, to change how you operate from the inside out.




Michelle Dixon healing

Michelle Dixon specializes in helping people get on track after difficult life events or when the client feels stuck and has a strong desire for change. She uniquely combines a somatic (body-based) healing approach with mindfulness practices and vision-focused coaching. From finally releasing the past, to experiencing peace, and working with one’s emotional processes, thoughts and beliefs, individuals who work with her are coached in simple, effective daily practices to move forward with empowerment. In addition to seeing clients individually, she has led more than 30 workshops and 3 retreats all around Australia and overseas. Her qualifications include life coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic processing, de-armouring, myofascial release, biodynamic cranial touch, and she has a Ph.D. in economics. For more on her background, go here



This program takes the most powerful techniques from contemplative traditions (like Buddhism) and applies them in a modern, day-to-day context. In essence, you will learn how to allow and witness your emotions, beliefs and thoughts in a way which supports your healing and empowerment.


I am a male in my 40's and I am a survivor of childhood and sexual abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed.

- Name Withheld for Privacy

Michelle offers an amazing value in her workshops. Her passion for the work and a caring and patient approach to the participants make for a beautifully enriching and heart opening experience for everybody present. I recommend her to all my friends!
Helena Nista - sex coach and Tantra teacher


I've participated in workshops with Michelle. She's a very caring and professional and hold space to let go, connect with my heart and heal. I enjoyed the experience and now I'm using some of the tools I learnt with my clients. It's different. It's challenging. It's worth it. It's healing. Thank you Michelle, for your kindness, support and great energy! Claudia Boymouchakian, Purple Angel Healing Centre.

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I found it really moving, spiritual and I absolutely feel better for it today (apart from my stupid knee :-( ). Anyway it was wonderful to have met you and even better that you were a beautiful caring person who I felt very safe with. I did a couple of the meditation sessions last night which were very relaxing and powerful. Many thanks!


She has an ability to wade through the mire of distractions and help you work out where your focus should truly be to balance your life. I am very goal driven but I have been using some less important goals to avoid doing what I need to do for myself, my family, my business and my spiritual/ church life as well as fitness and relationship. She's helping me to get these into to a better balance so that I don't live with the constant frustration of wearing my self out trying to keep everyone else happy. She is helping me focus on setting the right goals! Visualising them and working to achieve them because I really want to achieve them and not just because it will stop me from failing. Watch this space !!!

develop your intuition

Michelle has been fantastic in taking me through a journey of self discovery. Naturally introverted, it took me time to open up but her gentle style coupled with giving me goals to achieve has been instrumental in changing me and my life.


M, Thank you for our session. You are very easy to work with and extremely easy to talk to, which is a great help, and you pick on things, especially during the body work when you mentioned the grief I think it was, and we talk about bullying at school. I was really surprised when you had me imagine being with my wife and then asked me to look at my heart and describe the feeling. I was taken back at first and I felt nothing, felt numb, but I focused and it was sadness and anger, a feeling that really shouldn’t be there at that particular moment. After breathing through it, a few tears, when you took me there again, it was joyous and pleasurable and I actually had a smile. I let go of some that baggage and hurt during the session. I’ve been feeling happier and more confident ever since.

Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful healer and coach. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level, but also when coaching me for my service/business. She picks up the energy around me and uses a variety of tools to help me step in the Present, heal and let go of the Past and visualise and work on my Future. She has a very unique approach and connects with Energy in such a wonderful way that makes me feel safe and confident. The energy in the room is amazing! She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your Light with the world! I love working with you and seeing and living great results!

-Anonymous Practitioner

I operate with 4 guiding principles that are the foundation of my coaching and workshops.

LOVE is the source of all transformation.

Love is the source of all transformation - love of self, love of others.  Being kind and patient with yourself during suffering is the foundation of healing. Acceptance and non-judgement are cornerstones of self-love, and this must begin with what we extend to ourselves.

Transformation is possible.

Transformation of yourself, and your life, is possible. It takes persistence, self-love through setbacks, putting one foot after the other. The brain can rewire how it experiences and acts in the world, and early attachment wounds can be redressed with time.

Change requires working with sensation.

We must work with the body's sensations and reactions as well as the mind (thoughts, logic, critical thinking) in order to change. The body is the storehouse of trauma, and the repository of memory. Clearing and re-setting on this level is vital for lasting transformation.

We ground in a vision for our life.

Rather than react or rest in acceptance, we embrace and move towards a positive vision for our lives. This is not the same as having goals.  A vision is as much a feeling, sensation, and emotional reality as it is tangible achievements. The vision fills us with the motivation we need to persist with strategies to make transformation possible.



Specific Techniques and Skills You Will Learn


Neuro-linguistic processes, de-armouring, mindfulness practices, goal-setting, boundary-setting and enforcing, and practical (and easy) techniques for self-love.

What This Program Includes

Four sessions of personalised coaching and bodywork (1.5 hours each) with Michelle structured to determine what is holding you back and how exactly you can move forward in life.

A weekend 2-day workshop (9-5 pm both days) in which you get hands on experience in a group, learning somatic awareness with bodywork, including de-armouring and energy work, group processes, neuro-linguistic programming, effective goal-setting, and more, all to empower you to have the skills to continue staying on track by yourself, long after our work together is done.

Ongoing monthly support group (locally in person or via Zoom Conference call). 


Who is this program for?

◈ You're feeling stuck - you want to change your life, but you aren't sure how - be it in your relationship, your career, your parenting, or in general.

◈ You've survived a crisis or trauma, have recovered from the worst of it (maybe you're out of rehab), but you wonder what's next, and how to move forward.

◈ You've tried life coaching, but it's just not happening for you the way you want, and you don't know why.

◈You feel disempowered, and are ready to change.


$1997 + GST


$700 per month (+ gst) for three months

Four 1:1 Healing & Coaching Sessions (6 hours of one-on-one time total)

Two-day intensive workshop in Sydney (9-5pm both days)

Ongoing Monthly Support Group

E-book Finding Your Bliss

All course materials at the workshop

Bonuses and Discounts at the Workshop

NEXT WORKSHOP WILL BE May 2018 - Enrol now to reserve your spot and begin your 1:1 Sessions!

*Pay off your course with referrals! We strongly believe that a positive personal experience is the best recommendation. If you have purchased this program, and then you refer a friend who enrols, you can get back 25% of your investment. Refer 4 people and earn back the cost. Just be in touch!